Soji Joseph, (who is of Nigerian and Zimbabwean descent) chose to pursue a career in music. He is the sole writer of all of the songs on this project, a testament to his versatility as a recording artist. The opening track, “Dying Rose”, is a slow and emotional song that beautifully speaks to embracing feminine beauty and individuality. The afrobeats and dancehall cuts like “Addicted to the Rhythm” and “With My” ecstatically introduce a thrilling groovy mood to the project. 

Soji is also part of a music collective called “OTB” (Only the Best) alongside fellow members Juice, Kundi, and Mide. Before the release of his EP he produced a short film featuring his OTB peers. This short film gives an insight into the day-to-day struggles of creative artists, touching on their personal growth as artists and the difficulty of getting others to take their art seriously.                

Speaking about the EP, Soji Joseph says:

Anyone can drop a single but it took me a year to create this body of work. There are a lot of people that want to pursue a music career but hold themselves back because of fear. I want to show people that I am serious about music and I want them to respect the amount of effort and detail it took to do this. This project is just a teaser of music that will be released in 2018 which will surpass this project. “    

This upcoming artist is definitely one to pay attention to! Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

My personal favorite on the project –  “On My Mind“.

Check out the project below!

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Lebene Mawuu is a Television Communications student. Raised in Canada, she makes sure to keep in touch heavily with her West African Roots. Lebene is a dancer, choreographer, and multimedia creative. She aims to create more narratives for those in the diaspora and motherland.


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